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Advantages of “Hard Money Mortgage Note” Mortgages as an Investment Vehicle
The advantages of private mortgages far outweigh paper investments. There are numerous reasons private mortgages are superior to other investment vehicles and here are a few reasons EquityBuild Finance is excited about helping you get started in private mortgages.
  • Less fluctuation than stock market
  • Compound several times a year
  • Greater control
  • As good as gold, with higher rate of returns - And like gold, realestate is seldom worth zero
Private Mortgage Note investing is not right for everyone, call or contact us today to see if it is right for you.

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When I called EquityBuild Finance I was very leery of this kind of investment because my husband and I have been burned on some real estate deals in the past and lost a lot of money. I was also weighing this against another potential opportunity which could have potentially resulted in a quicker turnaround with higher profit but it was a riskier opportunity. I only entertained the idea because an close acquaintance brought it to me. After many conversations with the EquityBuild Finance team I had enough comfort to move forward. My husband and I are so happy we did because the team at EquityBuild Finance honors their word. They made promises and delivered on those promises. We have only done one deal but are eager to do another when this one pays off. I am so happy that we found EquityBuild Finance because I know it is a relationship that we will have for years to come. Longevity in an investment relationship is something that is really important to me and has been really hard to find. I'm glad we don't have to search any longer..
Elizabeth Conley - Huntsville, AL.
I began my relationship with EquityBuild Finance by contacting them to see if I could use my self-directed IRA funds to lend to real estate investors in need of funds for their investment opportunities. To date I have lent on 8 deals 2 of which refinanced and so my funds were replenished for me to invest in other deals. I've really enjoyed the personal touch I receive from the EquityBuild Finance team and the comfort that comes from the lengths to which EquityBuild Finance goes to make certain my money is safe. I would absolutely recommend anyone to work with them as I am a testament to how not only you will achieve a high return ON your investment but also that you will see a return OF your investment.
Bill Mullica - Colorado Springs, CO.
The money that I was potentially interested in lending was my family's savings and any decision made with that money was not to be a light one. I was impressed with the personal attention I received and the company's willingness to answer any questions I had. All I can say is that made me feel very comfortable and I made my first investment. The investment has consistently returned the 12% I was expecting to receive and so I decided to invest a little more. I am very happy to say that without fail a check arrives in my mailbox each month. Additionally, knowing that I have a 1st lien position against the property should anything happen delivers a level of comfort that I could not possibly have in the stock market. EquityBuild Finance is helping me build a better future for my family. I only wish I had more to invest.
Don Briggs - Pembroke Pines, FL.
Shaun Cohen, M.A., Economics, President, EquityBuild Finance, LLC

Shaun Cohen’s first rental property was acquired at the age of 10. By 11, he was the landlord of 5 properties that were successfully cash flowing at a substantial rate. He was reared in the world of real estate as his father, Jerry Cohen, the President of EquityBuild, Inc., began his real estate career in 1984 only to become one the largest residential real estate investors in the Mid-Atlantic by 1989.

Shaun’s youthful experience in real estate led to an entrepreneurial spirit that quickly blossomed into other industries, as well. His under-graduate education, based in philosophy, combined with his PhD track in Economics at George Mason University outfit EquityBuild Finance with an unparalleled vision in the private lending world. The uniqueness of his real estate, business and educational experiences provide an analytical yet out-of-the-box approach that causes EquityBuild Finance to rise above all others in the industry.


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